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The Importance of replacing faulty vinyl siding on your home

One of the most common choices for siding for a home is vinyl siding. It’s no surprise that it is popular given the low maintenance requirements and durability of panels. Some homeowners can go 20 plus years before having an issue with their siding. However, overtime even the best of products begin to weaken or get damaged and need to be replaced. Keeping up with your vinyl siding is important when maintaining your home’s appearance and value.

Home Efficiency

The south comes with very hot and humid summers, and on occasion very cold winters. This is why improving our home efficiency is important to us. One of the best ways to do this is by replacing bad vinyl siding on your home. If your home’s siding has damage such as cracks or warps in it. This could allow warm or cold air into your home. If this happens you will find your air conditioning unit running more frequently to keep up with the temperature inside your home. By replacing your siding, you are making your home more energy efficient and have a higher chance of decreasing your energy bill.

Water Damage

Air isn’t the only issue that can get under your vinyl and cause damage to your home. In fact a very popular reason for siding issues in the south is water damage. By not replacing vinyl with warps, cracks or other open damage you risk water leaking into your home. This can cause damage to your main structure and allow for mold and mildew to start to grow. When you replace your home’s vinyl it will be sturdy and water resistant.

Improved Curb Appeal

Over time your, and especially without proper maintenance your home’s siding can become warped or covered in mildew or molds. Not only can this weaken the durability of your home it takes away from your home’s curb appeal. If you are looking to sell your home or increase its curb appeal, make sure you update your vinyl siding. Keep in mind if your home is 30 years old the likelihood of matching colors with your existing siding can be hard.

At Coastal Roofing we try our best to match all replacement vinyl siding to the original color. However, when clients ask about options, we have several color options available. By updating your home’s siding, you will overall increase the value of your home. Not only will it increase the value, but it is also more likely to attract more buyers to your home.

If you aren’t sure if your vinyl siding has damage or is in need of a facelift. Give us a call and schedule your Free Siding Inspection today. If you have experienced damage from weather to your siding and want to use your insurance. We will help collect pictures of damaged vinyl and get you the proper paperwork to submit your claim. Don’t let your curb appeal suffer from faulty maintenance of your home’s vinyl siding, or damage that has gone unseen. Make sure when you schedule your annual roof inspection you schedule your siding inspection as well.

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