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How Weather Impacts Your Roof

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Weather can often have a significant impact on your roofing system. It is important that you as a homeowner understand how different weather conditions can affect your roof. Today we are going to go over four ways weather can impact your roof and how you can protect your new or existing roof from damage.

Heavy Rains

The most common impact we find on roofing systems are caused by rain. Heavy rains during our spring and fall season can sometimes cause leaks in your roof.

This is why keeping your roof properly maintained is important. You should have a Roof Inspection if not twice at least once a year. This inspection should look at your shingles and check that your roofing components are properly sealed so that water cannot get under your shingles. If a roofing leak should occur, this could cause serious damage to the structure of your home.


Another way that weather can affect your roof is through strong winds. Which often accompany our frequent southern storms. Strong winds can lead to shingles breaking off the roof, or becoming loose.

This is why having your roof inspected by a professional roofing company after serious weather is important. You want to make sure your roofing shingles are still intact and that your other roofing components have not been damaged.

It is hard to predict what monthly storms will bring damaging winds. So, try and keep debris free and clear of your roof and yard. The fewer objects that can land on your roof or rub against your roof during a storm, the better off your roofing system will be.

UV Rays and Heat

Have you ever noticed that over time certain areas of your roof tend to look lighter than others? Believe it or not this can be a sign of sun damage. UV rays over time can cause your shingles to look worn or become weak and brittle.

This could lead to leaks or cracks in your shingles, which would make your decking and other components of your roofing system more vulnerable. It is important that you use quality products that are designed to hold up against the elements.

Major Storms / Severe Weather

The biggest reason we often find damage on our roof in the South is from Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or severe weather. These types of storms can cause severe damage in just a short time.

Oftentimes during these events, shingles can break, weaken or fall off of the roof. In some more severe cases, debris can often hit your existing roof causing major or minor structural damage.

Since hurricane season starts in June, it’s best to make sure you have your roof checked and roofing repairs scheduled well before the season starts.

Now that you know how weather can impact your roof. You can be more proactive in protecting the longevity of your existing roof or new roofing system. Remember, it only takes one good storm to cause major damage. Damage can often go unseen for days, or months. Keep your mind at peace by scheduling your inspections, and repairing your roof as needed. If your roof hasn’t been inspected since a major storm. Call us today to schedule your free professional roof inspection.

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