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Checking your roof after severe weather

Damage caused to a roof over time

Your roof is the first line of defense against elements outside of your home and this is why it’s important to inspect your roof for damages after severe weather. By neglecting your roof after severe thunderstorms that bring in high winds, or hail can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Below are six things you should check on your roof after severe weather has moved through.

Debris on Roof:

After severe weather has passed it’s not uncommon for us to find debris left on our roof. A lot of times we find pine needles, leaves, and small branches left behind. We often wait for the next storm to pass before removing this debris from our roof. This is the worst thing you can do for your roof. A debris filled roof can clog your gutters, and camouflage damage caused by weather. By not removing foliage from our existing damaged roof, we allow water to build up and get underneath our shingles. Over time this will cause your decking to rot and your roof to soften. Not only can this happen, but water damage getting into your attic can quickly go to your ceiling and get into your home.

Damaged or Missing Shingles:

After we have cleaned your roofing system from debris, we can start to inspect it for shingle damage. Customers ask us all the time, “If one shingle is damaged, does that mean a bunch will be?” The truth is, sometimes it can be a single shingle that was hit by debris and was broken or a nail became loose and it was blown from the roof. However, more times than not if we find one faulty shingle, several around it will follow suit. So don’t just assume there’s only one broken shingle. If you see damage, call your local roofing company to come out and give you a thorough roof inspection.


Oftentimes customers don’t even know they have a leak until it is too late. This is why we recommend you get annual or bi annual inspections of your new or existing roofing system. When we experience severe weather that brings in lots of strong wind and rain. We sometimes are greeted with yellow spots on our ceiling. Do these wet spots mean there is damage to your roof? Not all the time, but usually after the weather it’s a good indicator. To prevent severe damage to your home it is essential you call your locally trusted roofing company to inspect your home and repair your roof immediately.

Visible Sagging on your Roof:

Nobody likes a sagging roof, and for good reasons. When we see sagging or an uneven roof, this is usually a good indicator that your existing roofing system is not being properly supported. If your roofing system is not supported properly, this can lead to significant damage. If after severe weather you see unevenness or sagging in your roof, it’s important to call a professional roofer to come out and inspect your roof. This way you will know the extent of damage and the actions you need to take to replace your roof or repair your roof.

Damage to Roofing Components:

Don’t forget about your roofing components, over time these components can get damaged and become frail. If your roofing components are older, they could be easily susceptible to weather damage such as leaks between your components and shingles. Components such as chimneys or skylights are particularly vulnerable during severe weather conditions and should be inspected by roofing professionals for cracks or shifts.

Damage to Gutter System:

Damage to your gutters or downspouts after severe weather could mean additional damage to your roofing systems or foundation over time. If you see cracks, clogs, or dents in your downspouts and gutters, call your local roofer and schedule your free inspection today.

It’s important to remember while it’s essential to check your roof after severe weather it should be done with caution. You shouldn’t access your roof while it is still wet, especially if you see dips or sags. You don’t want to risk falling through any soft spots you may not be aware of. You also should not attempt a full roof inspection if you are afraid of heights or have never been on a roof. This is why you should take full advantage of the free roof inspections offered by your local roofing companies. If you know your roof is experiencing any of the above signs of damage, give us a call today.

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