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Everything you need to know about Coastal Roofing.

Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Click on any of the questions for the answer. 

Coastal Roofing is a company you can trust for several reasons. The first is experience. Many of the crew members on our team have been roofers for several years. We also have a proven track record of standing behind our product. We always work with our customers to make sure we deliver and install the very best we have to offer. Our reputation for addressing any of our customers’ concerns is what sets us apart from other companies. You can tell that Coastal Roofing is a trustworthy company by reading our customers’ reviews. Customer feedback is something that we take very seriously, and we work very hard to communicate with our customers in order to get results in a timely manner. Our quality work speaks for itself, which is why our past customers always recommend us to others.
Coastal Roofing is a brick-and-mortar location. Our store and warehouse, in the heart of Picayune, is where we can invite customers to come in and review products, go over their estimates and the details of their contracts. We’re also a member of most of the economic development groups here in Picayune. We volunteer and contribute to community efforts, with which we really pride ourselves. One thing that sets us apart from other roofing companies is our attention to detail. Roofs consist of decking, underlayment, water barriers, shingles, flashing, gutters, and drip edges. We make sure to install all of these components correctly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. In doing so, you get the most out of your product warranties. Also, our level of professionalism, honesty, timeliness, all while maintaining a good level of communication, with our customers, guarantees you’ve made the right choice for a roofer.
Community involvement is very important to our entire team. We’re all permanent residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  This is our home. It’s not just important for us to be able to do business, but it’s also important for us to be part of that rebuilding process after a major storm or weather event. That’s a very stressful time for residents. For many, it may be their first time going through the insurance claim process or having to rebuild. That’s why we’ve taken very special care to make sure that we have the training and resources to be a partner for our community when they’re recovering from such an event.
Coastal Roofing has a strongly ingrained safety culture. All of our crew leads carry an OSHA 30 certifications. That way, we are in a position to see potential hazards and avoid them before an accident happens on our jobsite.
What customers can expect from Coastal Roofing is the commitment to deliver the highest quality of service and workmanship on every roofing job.
We pride ourselves on treating our customers’ property with the respect they deserve. We will endeavor to keep the jobsite clean as per your request.
We’re not just receptive to customer feedback: we encourage it. We have team members dedicated to speaking with our customers and reaching out to them to see how we can improve. We hope that all of our customers have a great experience with our company. When issues arise, we are totally committed to working with that customer to make things right.
At Coastal Roofing it’s our mission to deliver the highest level of professionalism and workmanship to our customers, to nurture the personal and professional growth of our workforce, and to maintain a supportive presence in the communities that we serve.
We have one of the highest ratings for roofing contractors on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and surrounding areas.

We understand what an investment it is to replace a roof. That’s why we’ve partnered with many reputable lenders to ensure that our customers have the resources they need to fund their projects.

Yes. The best way to stay current with your roofing condition is to schedule regular inspections. However, you should also monitor for holes, leaks, and signs inside your home that may raise red flags. Any time you notice a change in the way your roof performs, give us a call.

We understand what an investment it is to replace a roof. We are fully bonded and insured as a professional and licensed roofing contractor.

When you receive a roof replacement from Coastal Roofing, you’re receiving an entirely new roof system. We don’t just install new shingles on top of old materials. We completely remove your old roof down to your plywood decking. We do a very thorough inspection to make sure that the substrate of your roof is structurally sound, and we will address any repair or replacement of materials necessary. We are then going to use products designated by your manufacturer to ensure that you receive their full warranty.
The typical signs of a damaged roof are leaks, holes, cracks, damaged shingles, water stains, moldy or sagging areas. It is always best to stay current with the condition of your roof by scheduling regular inspections. Part of our “Roof Protect” program includes roof inspections and cleaning, so we can make sure your roof is protected and clean year-round.
One of the things about living in the south is we’re susceptible to all kinds of storms and one of the biggest storms that can damage your roof is a thunderstorm and or hurricane. Best way to prepare yourself and to make sure you can ride out that storm safely is to call us before the storm. Call us before the damage happens to your roof. Let us get up there and make sure your roof is in proper condition to be able to ride out that storm safely.
When you choose us to put on your roof one of the things we do is we go through and make sure all the materials ordered are appropriate for your roof and match what you are wanting to put on your roof. From that point we make sure everything is delivered to where it is a turn-key operation that you have to have minimal involvement in.

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