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Workmanship Warranty

limited 3 year workmanship warranty*

At Coastal Roofing, we strive to have roof installations that are free of defects in workmanship. Installations and repairs are performed in accordance with local building codes and manufacturer installation requirements. Coastal Roofing will complete repairs within the original project’s scope of work at no charge to the customer, should a defect in workmanship, related to the work completed by Coastal Roofing, occur within 3 years of the project.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, hail damage, wind damage, sun damage, intentional or accidental damage by any person, or acts of God that may, or may not merit an insurance claim. This warranty only applies to a project in which Coastal Roofing fully replaced any existing products, and does not cover repairs or service done to another contractor’s work. Defects in the building materials used to complete work do not fall under the scope of this workmanship warranty; any building products installed will instead be covered by the product’s original manufacturer warranty.

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* Not all services completed by Coastal Roofing, LLC qualify for the limited workmanship warranty. Only projects where Coastal Roofing, LLC sourced and installed all materials and components qualifies for the limited workmanship warranty. Coastal Roofing, LLC will indicate in the proposal what the warranty term will be for each specific project. Coastal Roofing, LLC reserves the right to not offer a warranty for certain projects and services.

† Pricing is determined by total surface area and height of roof, as well as total linear feet of gutters and size and number of solar panels.