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6 Steps you should take if a tree has fallen on your home

Having a tree fall on our home is usually not on our to do list. Which means what comes next, after a tree falls on your home, usually isn’t a topic you think about. If you find yourself in this unusual situation, stay calm and don’t panic. We have 6 steps for you to take that will help you secure your home, and start the repair process

Assess the Situation

The first step you want to take is to assess the situation. If you are not home when it happens don’t just run inside your home. You want to assess the damages and make sure it is safe to enter into your home. The last thing you want is to open your door and the tree collapses through your roof.

Walk around your home and see if the tree is laying across your home or if it has punctured through your existing roof. Try and assess if the damage has weakened the home structurally or if it would be safe to enter. This guys without saying, if it is raining outside or a storm is coming through wait for it to stop before trying to access your roof system.

If you are home when a tree falls on your home, exit the home through a safe route that is furthest away from the tree. If a giant oak tree falls on the front of your house, try going through the backdoor. Once you and your family are safe, asset the damages and see if the home is safe to go in and out of. Some smaller trees can cause extensive roof damage but will not cause much structural damage making the home okay to move around throughout.

When it is safe to, and you are able to climb on your roof. Make sure the tree has not punctured your roof leaving clear and noticeable holes. If this occurs, you want to patch these as soon as possible.

Contact your Insurance Company

You want to contact your insurance immediately! It is important that you start a claim so that an adjuster can be scheduled to come out.

It’s important that you start all paperwork and get pictures of the damage. Your inspector will get pictures, but you want to have something for yourself just in case.

Remove the Tree

The removal of your tree is very important. We can not stress this enough. Hire a professional tree service that is licensed and insured. You don’t want to risk letting your neighbor or someone randomly cut it off your roof and cause extra damage or hurt themselves and blame you. You can check the Better Business Bureau for local services to use if you do not know anyone in your area.

Get your Roof Inspected

Keep in mind an adjuster is going to come out and asset all damages that you have put a claim on. It does not mean they will do a thorough inspection.

This is why we recommend you contact your local roofing company to come out and provide a comprehensive inspection. Sometimes your roof and gutter system will have clear enough damage that the adjuster can report the roof as a full loss. Other times we can find ourselves accepting a check for damages and having to file addendums because more damage is discovered during your roof replacement or roof repair. By getting your roof inspected by a professional roofer you will be able to get a better estimate for your claim.

Remember the impact of the tree falling on your home may not be the last of the damage. You want to make sure your comprehensive roof inspection gets pictures of and goes over damage possibly caused to your roof decking, roof pipes, fascia, ridge vents, gutters and more. If any one of these elements are damaged it can cause greater damage to your home.

Start your Roof Replacement or Repair

Once you have your roof inspection in hand your insurance can compare it with what their adjuster sent and give you a check. If your accident happens during something like a hurricane season or other natural disaster make sure the roofing company, you use isn’t from out of town.

When we use local roofing contractors, we can count on having someone to reach out in case something goes wrong.

Warranty your Roof

When purchasing something like a new roof you want to make sure your investment is protected. That is why we offer extended warranties to our customers.

Not only do we offer warranties we only use products that warranty their own products. Coastal Roofing also understands that warranties aren’t the only thing important for ensuring the longevity of your roof.

This is why we offer Roof Protect; a service specifically designed with our customers in mind. If you have recently purchased a new roof or had roof repairs. Contact us today about setting up your roof protection today.

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