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Benefits of Gutter Guards and Leaf Protection

Gutter Guard to protect your gutters

Is cleaning your gutters always last on your home improvement list? Are your gutters constantly getting clogged by the trees surrounding your home? If your answer is yes to these questions, then you might want to consider getting some kind of leaf gutter protection. These are commonly referred to as gutter guards or gutter shields. We thought it would be helpful to show you the benefits gutter guards have to offer and if they are worth the cost. There are four major benefits to installing a gutter guard system. These benefits include cost efficiency, less cleaning, reduced maintenance, and increased durability. Let’s take a look at what each of these means and how it will affect your home.

Cost Efficiency

So, you may be asking yourself, what would the gutter guard installation cost be compared to a yearly gutter cleaning cost? Getting your gutters cleaned will cost you around $150 to $500 each time. The prices can vary depending on the time of year and the size of your house. Even though this upfront cost seems much lower than the cost of a gutter guard installation, the long-term value it will provide far outweighs the install cost. So, let’s say you get your gutters cleaned twice a year. On average, you would be spending anywhere from $300 to $1000 getting your gutters cleaned every year. As you can see, those costs can quickly add up. A full gutter guard installation is going to cost you an average of $600 to $2000. The price depends on the quality of gutter guards they use. The best gutter shields tend to cost more but greatly decrease the amount of cleaning needed. This brings us to the next benefit of gutter guards.

Less Cleaning

Gutters were designed to protect your home against water damage. If the water cannot flow through your gutter system properly, it could possibly deteriorate the foundation of your home and cause irreparable damage. Open gutter systems can clog fairly easily depending on the surroundings of your home. This means it will need to be cleaned periodically. It is recommended to perform at least two gutter cleanings and two roof cleanings a year to keep your gutter system working properly. If this is something you are unwilling to do, gutter guards will practically eliminate the need for interior gutter cleaning. Gutter guard systems are designed to keep out foreign materials from your gutters. With the guards keeping the debris and pests out, the need to clean your gutters essentially vanishes. Now of course if your gutters don’t require a lot of cleaning, you may not think it’s worth getting gutter guards, but it does more than just keep leaves out.

Increased Durability

The biggest benefit to getting gutter guards is the added strength and increased durability. Once installed, the guards will give your gutter system a box-like structure. This not only increases the performance of the gutters but will also increase the lifespan of any existing gutter system. This added strength can be especially important in helping your gutter withstand higher winds. The vertically aligned parts of your gutters allow the wind to catch it at specific angles, increasing the chances of wind damage. Over time, the wind can cause your gutters to move back and forth, weakening the metal gutter components. This constant movement can loosen the nails and screws that keep your gutters secured to the house. During a windstorm, tree limbs and debris might leave dents or even dislodge your entire gutter system. Scheduling regular inspections with a maintenance program can help with the early detection and repair of this issue.

Reduced Maintenance

So the last question you may be asking yourself is how effective are gutter guards?
This really depends on which type of gutter guard you chose to install on your home. Out of the many of the different styles of guards, we have discovered that not all of them are created equal. This answer is also dependent on understanding what to expect from each type of gutter guard product. Some different types of gutters guard products would include:

  • Foam Guards
  • Wire Guards
  • Brush Guards
  • Sponge Guards
  • Hooded Guards
  • Plastic Guards
  • Mesh Guards

Through our experience, we have found that mesh guards work the best at keeping your gutters free of debris. This is not to say they are 100% maintenance-free, only that the maintenance of your gutter system is greatly reduced. There will be some debris that lands on the guards, but it’s much easier for it to dry and blow off on its own. Instead of having to clean your gutters twice a year, you now just have to occasionally brush off the top of the guards.

Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

For your gutters to function properly, you need proper water flow throughout the entire system. Whether you decide to install gutter guards or have your gutters cleaned yearly, the most important thing is that your gutters need to be clean to work properly. Both choices are good a keeping your gutters working year-round, you just have to decide if you would rather make smaller more frequent payments or you prefer paying the larger one-time cost. If your home doesn’t have that many trees, you may be okay with having the occasional cleaning. However, if you ever find yourself tired of cleaning your gutters, or paying someone else to do it each year, installing a gutter guard system will be in your home’s best interest. Overall, gutter guards are a great investment. They significantly reduce the amount of maintenance needed which makes them extremely cost-effective. Installing gutter guards not only increases the protection of your gutter system but also lowers the amount of cleaning required. Gutter guards are great for preventing clogs which gives you the best leaf-free gutters you could ask for. If you think your home could benefit from getting a gutter guard system, contact us now for your free estimate. We will help you find the best solution for your home and provide you with a realistic understanding of what to expect from your gutter guard system.

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