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What Is The Purpose Of Gutters On Your Home?

Custom Gutters for your home

Oftentimes we don’t think about the structure of a home until we have to have it inspected. Unfortunately, it is at this time that homeowners or buyers are told that something as simple as gutters could have prevented foundation erosion or water damage to a home’s foundation.

We have replaced roofs before where clients have said, “Don’t worry about replacing the gutters.” This is a cringe-worthy sentence for us at times because it tells us a client may not understand the value of a gutter system. As a homeowner, you should know that gutters don’t just increase the value of your home, they protect your home and your investment.

Why Are Gutters Important

Gutters play a big role in the protection of the foundation of your home. When gutters are installed they are put around the edges of your roof to help guide water off the roof and away from your foundation.

If a proper gutter system is not installed, your home may experience foundation issues over time. Issues such as water in your foundation and erosion. Both can be more costly than the actual cost of putting gutters on your home.

Does Every Home Need Gutters

Clients have asked us before, “Does every home need gutters?” The short answer is, no. Not every home needs gutters.

If you live in an area that doesn’t experience a lot of rain or snowfall, your home may not need gutters. Before making the decision to forgo gutters we recommend having a professional come out to inspect your home.

Other reasons you may not need gutters on your home can be due to the sloping of your yard or the amount of concrete around your home.

Our best advice is if you live on the Louisiana or Mississippi Gulf Coast and don’t have gutters on your home, you may be risking the foundation of your home. If you’re not sure if you should have gutters or think you have gutters that need to be replaced, contact us today.

Cost Vs. Value Of Gutters

The famous question we get asked is, “Is it worth it for me to add gutters to my home.” Just like changing fixtures or updating rooms can add value to your home, so can putting in new gutters.

When comparing the cost of gutters vs the value of them. Consider the cost it will take to fix a foundation that has been damaged due to erosion or flooding. Hands down, your gutter systems will be more affordable and less of a headache to deal with.

What Gutter Style Do We Recommend

When clients ask us what gutter style would go best on their home. We usually recommend K-Style Gutters. This gutter system looks great on new builds but also homes that are 20 plus years old.

This style comes in 5 and 6 inches, which we feel is a great size for the amount of rain we get on a yearly basis. We are also able to offer 30 plus colors in this style for our clients to choose from.

We feel like this seamless gutter style is also very affordable for our clients. With that said, we understand that certain homes do look better with different styles and that not all clients will want the same thing.

This is why we offer a complimentary consultation and free gutter inspections. If you’re ready to start your gutter project today, we want to talk to you.

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