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4th of July Roof Safety

4th of July Roof Safety

4th of July is a time when families and friends get together to celebrate the independence of the United States. It’s a time filled with delicious food, fun activities, and of course fireworks. While you get everything ready to enjoy the 4th of July holiday, don’t forget about your roof maintenance. Summertime in Louisiana and Mississippi is especially hot, and fires are more likely to occur this week with fireworks going off all around us. Even if you don’t plan on using fireworks yourself, there is always going to be someone lighting that bottle rocket that could land just about anywhere. Below are some basic tips for keeping your home safe during this week’s festivities.

Clean Debris From Your Roof and Gutters

Dry leaves, pine needles, and twigs are flammable elements that can turn your 4th of July celebration into an unwanted disaster. Removing debris from your roof should be a part of your regular roof maintenance. If you want to put your roof maintenance on auto-pilot, contact Coastal Roofing to learn more about the Roof Protect Maintenance Program.

Inspect Your Roof For Any Loose Shingles or Holes

It’s a great idea to inspect your roof for loose shingles or get it professionally inspected by Coastal Roofing. Be aware of any holes, loose shingles, or exposed decking. These can be a cause for concern and sparks from fireworks can make their way into these holes and cause a fire in your attic.

Trim Tree Limbs and Branches That Are Close To Your Roof

If you have overhanging limbs or overgrown vegetation near your home, trim them back and clear your home of any and all potential hazards. Always be safe and hire a professional if you are not confident and able to take on this task.

Ask Your Neighbors If They Plan On Enjoying Fireworks

By knowing what your neighbors’ plans are, it can help you prepare your own home and also educate your neighbors as well. If your neighborhood is planning on having a block party you could help each other out by preparing your homes as a team effort.

Pay Attention To the Weather

Paying attention to the weather is crucial. As a homeowner, you should be on high alert if the weather has been dry and windy. Wind can fuel smoldering embers and wind can carry embers long distances. During dry times, the risk of fires also increases.

Water Down Your Roof Before the Show Begins

Use a garden hose to water down your roof before the firework show begins. The possibility of an ember from a firework landing on your roof is high, so this simple solution can help combat an ember from causing a fire.

Have a Safe Location To Light Fireworks

When lighting fireworks, always be aware of how close you are to your home and roof, your neighbor’s home and roof, as well as away from any debris. If you see anyone launching fireworks near homes in your neighborhood, ask them kindly to move a safe distance away.

If you notice deteriorating, or missing shingles, contact one of our roofing experts to inspect your roof. Call (833) 239-7663 or use our contact form and we will schedule your roof inspection to give you peace of mind!

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