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Hurricane Preparedness for your Commercial Building

Hurricane Ida Landfall

Owning a business with a commercial building comes with a lot of responsibilities and maintenance that most business owners do not have the time to think about. Coastal Roofing understands the importance of this upkeep and that is why we love the commercial roofing side. If your building doesn’t keep a roof over your employee’s or client’s heads, then what good will that be for you? This is why we work closely with business owners to help roofing maintenance, roofing repairs, and roof replacements go as smoothly as possible. It is no secret; meteorologists have warned us that the 2022 Hurricane Season is going to be full of Major Storms.

Preventative Maintenance of Commercial Roofing

With Hurricane season quickly approaching, we have had business owners reach out to us worried about their roofing systems and what preventative measures they can take. It is important to be prepared and ready for anything that might come our way this Hurricane season. Below we have steps that we tell business owners to take when asked about our professional opinion.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Our servicing areas have been hit with damaging thunderstorms this Spring and with Hurricane season coming we need to make sure we look over our insurance policies. We work very close with our clients and a lot of times we are on the phone with insurance, trying to help them out. With last season’s Major Hurricanes, a lot has changed with insurance. Now is the time to look over your policies and make sure your business is protected. Don’t wait until a named storm is building in the Gulf of Mexico to take action.

Have Your Business Inspected

Have your business inspected. Make sure everything is operating properly. When we provide professional inspections, we take pictures and make documentation of our findings. When inspections are complete, we send you our findings on services we provide as well as pictures our specialist took during the inspection. So, if something should happen to your building during an unfortunate storm, you will have updated before and after pictures to present to your insurance.

Don’t Wait for Repairs

Do you think your roof has experienced damage recently and you’re scared to call someone out to check on your roof because stopping your business is something you cannot afford to do? We want to put your mind at ease. We understand that business owners do not usually have the luxury of taking a day off and the show must always go on. This is why we try to make repairs and replacements as painless as possible. A key thing we try to remind business owners is that repairs cost less than replacements so never neglect your building. If you haven’t had a roof inspection in over a year, or think you have experienced damage in recent thunderstorms, now is the time to get your commercial building checked. Contact us today and we will have a roofing specialist come out to inspect your roof.

I Should Have Gotten a Replacement

If you are a business owner that is thinking, “I’ll wait for the next hurricane before making my roofing claim,” stop that thought right there. While every insurance policy is different. Majority of the time your Hurricane deductible is going to be higher than your regular deductible. When commercial building owners reach out to us asking, “Should I have already gotten my roof replaced?” We remind them if we have provided an inspection and have indicated that the roofing system has over 30% of damage, you should be scheduling your replacement today.

Take Action Now

It’s hard to take action when you don’t know who to trust and that is why we always tell customers that when getting first or second opinions always ask if they are licensed and insured. We also tell potential customers to visit the Better Business Bureau to make sure whoever you use is someone you can trust. If you are someone you know is trying to build a commercial building in Mississippi, give us a call today.

Taking action is always easier said than done when it comes to affording a project and that is why we take pride in giving our customers fair pricing. We try to offer professional roofing services with competitive pricing to all of our customers. We understand that a lot of times roofing repairs or roofing replacements come at the most unlikely of times and that is why we work hard to make your roofing repair or replacement as affordable as possible.

Ready or Not a Storm is Coming

In just a few days the tropics are going to be more active, and you and your building has to be ready for it. With that said, if you have been putting off your Roofing Inspection, Roofing Repair, or Roofing Replacement. Stop what you’re doing and Call Coastal Roofing at 833-239-7663 or fill out our contact form today!

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