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Become a branded subcontractor for South Mississippi and Louisiana’s fastest growing roofing contractor, Coastal Roofing, LLC.

Become A Subcontractor with Coastal Roofing, LLC

A mutually beneficial partnership between Coastal Roofing, LLC and our subcontractors is the key to unlocking our growth potential.

Together we can create higher profits and market security for our businesses.

Becoming a branded sub-contractor enables roofing crews to dedicate more of their time towards production and less time answering phone calls. Coastal Roofing, LLC handles many of the time consuming tasks that business owners have to focus on such as:

Eliminate Expenses

A partnership with Coastal Roofing, LLC also helps business owners eliminate some of their largest expenses such as:

Time is money, and a partnership with Coastal Roofing, LLC will give you back valuable time that you can reinvest into increasing your company’s output. Subcontractors are paid by the square and are also eligible for bonuses.

Subcontractor Requirements

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